We Want To Empower Our Clients To Create, Protect & Preserve Their Individual and Corporate Wealth.


LPS Financial is committed to the investment philosophy that we have always adhered to. In a service business, we know that without dedicated, talented and thoughtful people, we cannot be the firm we aspire to be. Keen attention to integrity and responsibility is followed in everything we do. We are committed to maintaining a culture of diversity, integrity and strong business principles.

While motivated by a dedication to results, we understand that investors look to character and experience in addition to performance when choosing an investment advisory firm.

Clients Interest

The interests of our clients always come first. Dependability, timeliness, accuracy, confidentiality and responsiveness are the foundation of our success.


We take pride in our services. We are willing to go the extra mile and we live by our work ethic.


Honesty, trustworthiness, uniqueness are the common features in all of our work. Our reputation is paramount to us and to our clients.


We encourage and applaud teamwork as it creates a value far exceeding that of going it alone.